In Quickdraw Duel, you are rewarded for your speed and accuracy. Take the age-old test of dedication and bravery by facing your challengers in face-to-face mortal combat. In this PC-only game, use the arrow keys or WASD to walk away from your opponent, then rapidly turn around a press a number from 0-9 to get the kill! Good luck compadre! This game was created by Caleb Magee.


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I'd like to invite this game to our contest, the Game Development World Championship! It's a simple game, but well made. I think the difficulty is about right for most players. I'd imagine this would be a fun game for two players too.

That sounds great! How do I enter? As far as a two-player version, the problem comes with having them both press a key to fire. If I kept it at 0-9, then they would have to either race to the same key or possibly have to cross hands on the same computer, which I do not think would be optimal. However, I will give it some thought.

You can enter on our site: Selecting "Enroll Now!" or "Register" will bring you a form to register as a developer, after doing that you can submit the game itself. I hope you good luck!